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Welcome to Dream Datum and a new way of Being

Times are changing. Unless you are living on a different planet, you should have sensed the rapid changes on our planet. We are entering a new era and embarking onto new ways of Being. This website is dedicated to the ushering of these new better ways of living.

This is a website dedicated to the promotion of tools and technologies that are supportive of new ways of Being. Much of the modalities here are related to self-help, healing, self-growth, ascension and spiritual development. Many of these tools are downloadable digital products.

Here you will find digital tools and resources that are free or are affordable. If you want to transform your life for the better or am on a path of healing, self-growth and discovery, have a look around  ...

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 Mind power and improvement resources

In this section, you will find mind power, memory improvement and realities manifestation resources.

 Healing and self-growth resources

In this section, you will find healing, self-growth and transformation methodologies and resources, such as reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Overcoming addiction resources

In this section, you will find resources for overcoming addictions such as smoking and excessive sugar intakes.

Dream interpretation and journaling software

From our experience, we have found dreams to be invaluable sources of spiritual insights. By deciphering the symbolic meaning of our dreams, we can gain access to the deeper knowledge of ourselves and the dynamics of the universe. 


Divination and dowsing using Pendulums and Charts

From our experience, we have found pendulum dowsing to be a means of recieving insights about our conditions. On this site, you will find free as well as paid pendulum charts for usage with pendulums. Beautiful pendulums are also on sale here.

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Free downloads section has digital resources that are freely distributable. Additionally, the articles section also provides free resources pertaining to self-growth. This is a constantly expanding site...do come back often...

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